Postcards From the Road - Another Day in the Raw

Rick is getting out and about a lot more than I am, since he has all day while I'm in class to do whatever he wants. Yesterday he took this picture of the Space Needle, which is being painted back to its original "gold" color... sure looks orange to me...

Yesterday was day two of raw foods, which I'm learning are pretty labor intensive to make, and usually take a lot longer than cooked foods. It's worth the wait though, especially when it comes to the dehydrated flax seed crackers. On my... I want these in my life on a regular basis.

Much of what we prepared will be ready to eat today. Things like sauerkraut, that's been culturing for almost 3 days now, a cashew cheese that also gets cultured, and these amazing little pizza crusts and chocolate tortillas...

We sampled a wonderful un-stirfry made from cauliflower and macadamia nut "rice" and saucy veggies.

Dessert was a parfait plate, with three different mousses (two made with avocado), cashew cream, and fresh fruit, drizzled with fancy mango and raspberry sauces.

Today is Day 10, the last day of the 10 day cooking immersion. I do feel quite immersed, and I'm kind of sad that it's coming to an end. But tomorrow I'll jump right back in for 3 more days of teacher training, and that's exciting too.

Last night was dinner with the kids, and then a soggy drive back over to West Seattle. This is what it looks like here... most of the time... and why we moved to Taos...

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim


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