Postcards From The Road - A Day Off

After five super fun days in class, a day off was a good thing. I was a little bit on food overload - learning, cooking, and eating... I'm gaining weight here, which is not a good thing, and I'm not running because my foot is still mending. I have to let go of all that for another week, and just be right here, doing what I'm here to do. That's not always easy for me. So a day to go out and play was helpful. We scooped Lauren up, and headed for the ferry terminal. It was only a short wait before all the cars were off, and it was our turn to drive on.

We rode over to Bainbridge Island, where we walked around a little bit, had some lunch, and shopped for a birthday present for Jacob. I guess I was so in the moment, I forgot to take pictures over there. Oh well! Imagine a nice little island town, bustling with people, bright with sunshine, and a little pub lunch of soup, salad, and crusty bread, with two of my favorite people.

The view of the city on the way back is always spectacular, especially on a sunny day, or at night, when all the lights are on. We might have to go one more time just to see the night view.

Once we got back, it was too nice to go home, so we went to Greenlake for some urban nature time.

Amazed to be hungry yet again, we took the opportunity to go over to Pizza Pi in the University District. It's an all vegan pizza place (even the things that say they're meat are faux meat), which is unheard of in our little part of the world. In fact, there are so many vegan restaurants here, we probably won't have time to try them all. Another of Seattle's little seductions.

I need to get some of those toy magnet letters for my fridge.

On the way back to West Seattle, a blurry drive-by picture of the Space Needle kind of sums up my own mental space these days... bright, glowing, a little fuzzy, moving a little too fast to keep up with...

It was nice to have Sam waiting to snuggle with us on the couch. Dog time is a good way to slow down and relax.


  1. Greenlake looks lovely Kim. Nice family day out and the food looks great again too !
    I am loving your postcards !
    Thank you xox


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