Postcards From The Road - Ellensburg

Everything looked pretty much the same today. All day. From Twin Falls through northeastern Oregon, and into Washington. Thank the Great Whobody for shiny new magazines to keep me sane, and for Rick, who loves to drive, no matter what or where.

After nearly 8 hours on the road, Rick suggested that we "take the long way home," along the river canyon road. It was a good idea to get near the water. After a short rest stop by the Yakima River, our ions were all charged up, and the last few miles into Ellensburg, WA were a breeze, especially since we knew the kids would be there too.

Tomorrow, Easter, is all about family and friends, and then a relatively short drive to Seattle, to settle in for a couple of weeks. Tonight is about rest. Three days of driving have really wrung me out. Thank you, hotel pool and hot tub. I'm quite sure I'll live through the night because of you.

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim


  1. Glad the hotel had a pool and hot tub Kim, bet you loved that again !
    I'm still keeping up with y'all !
    Happy Easter !!!!
    lotsa love, xoxox Michelle (UK)


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