Postcards From the Road - Heading South

We're heading for home now, but definitely taking the long way, with stops in Ashland, San Jose, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon. 

At a rest stop in Oregon. I'm always amazed by the loveliness of moss.

Emigrant Lake, where we were camp hosts for a year. Looks like it's doing just fine without us.

Making spring rolls in my cousin's kitchen in Ashland.
Mt Shasta was hiding behind clouds. I was disappointed to not see it but happy to know were were in the presence of the base chakra of Planet Earth - the Inspiration Center of the planet. Pretty powerful place.

Lake Shasta was full to the brim, and healthier looking than I've seen it in years. I think it would be fun to hold a cooking class on a houseboat... anybody interested?

I wonder if we're related?

Three giant dogs share my sister's house in San Jose. Samantha, the "baby,"  is such a sweet silly girl.
I'm back in San Jose, in the neighborhood I grew up in. Walking the dogs with my sister this morning, I felt like I was walking to school. Something about the smell of this place, and the feel of the morning air... nice. We're going over to Santa Cruz today for a little beach time. Pictures will follow, of course!

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim


  1. It's nice when you go back to somewhere you're familiar Kim, it feels like 'home'.
    You're nearly there...

  2. I am very glad that you came back to San Jose...The photos are really looking so homely.

    You have taken such a nice route to come back at San Jose...Great!!


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