Postcards From The Road - Jerome

Moab to Jerome, ID today, with a stop at Arches National Park just a few minutes outside of Moab. Beautiful place, and worthy of a much longer visit.

The rest of the day was spent driving. Sigh... the thing I like least about road trips is the actual road part. I know it's necessary, but I like the stopping better than the going. When there's nowhere to stop, all that's left is to keep on driving, and besides, we're on kind of a schedule to get to Seattle by Sunday evening. Rick likes to do most of the driving, and I like to knit and read magazines, and occasionally even take a nap. Today I nodded off for a while, and woke up to... snow...

It started to clear as we got near Provo. Beautiful mountains.

We finally stopped for the night in Jerome, ID, which is sort of... quiet...

But across the highway, Twin Falls is a more happening place. We had dinner at the River Rock Grill. Salad and fries usually work well in meat and potatoes country, and we had a good meal, along with a couple of tasty beverages, while gazing out on a view of something I really miss in Taos - Macy's!

Civilization can be a fun thing, especially when you've seen nothing but rocks and grass all day. A quick trip to Barnes and Nobel stocked me up with fresh magazines for the next eight hour drive. Then back at the hotel, a nice long swim kept me feeling like I'm still doing something to get ready for the half marathon, and best of all, worked out all the kinks from a long day in the car.

Next stop, Ellensburg, WA, where passels of family will be gathering for the annual Easter Beer Hunt.

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim


  1. Hi Kim & Rick !!!
    This is lovely to read and see the glorious photos ! I could almost imagine I was there too !
    What huge, sorry HUGE, rocks !!
    Glad you're enjoying the journey, take care you both !
    lotsa love,
    Michelle (UK) xoxx

  2. I am almost jealous of your roadtrip. I would love to take off and do something like that. We do try to take a day-trip a couple times a year where we have no real destination in mind but to do one cross country sounds wonderful. Now if I only didn't have 4 dogs all of whom don't travel or board well.


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