Postcards From The Road - Lasagna and Baklava on the same day...

It's after 11PM, and I'm still full. What an amazing food day. It started at Chaco Canyon, this time the one on West Seattle. I really like what they're about.

We had some time before class, so wandered around Woodland Park for a bit. It was snowing pink flower petals all over the place. So lovely.

And then there was the cooking...

Grilled veggies for the lasagna.

Onion gravy with mushrooms. The best gravy I've ever had. Really.

Black rice and polenta casserole, to go with the gravy.

Presentation is everything.

Did you know baklava is a casserole?

Jen brought wine. Thanks!

Lasagne's ready.

Lasagna served with a roasted vegetable sauce.

And the baklava, still warm from the oven.
After class, Rick and I had a Friday evening that got sort of unplanned at the last minute, so we went to Pike Place Market to walk around, have a tasty beverage, and enjoy the sunset.

Seattle is being very flirtatious.

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim


  1. I wish I were there, too! And a nice slice of that lasagne, please.

    It sounds like you are taking advantage of all the good things Seattle can offer.


  2. Kim, I'm loving all of the "Postcards from the Road" - thanks so much for sharing this special journey with us. Please keep them coming! Enjoy every moment! xoxo M-E


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