Postcards From the Road - Mission Accomplished

It was a great last day of class. I was well prepared for my spanakopita demo, and spent some extra time this morning making sure of it.

I was fourth in line today, so had lots of time to be nervous, but I still feel like I did really well, especially for someone who has no real experience in public speaking, and who rarely leaves her house.

It was all sort of a blur...

... but look how beautiful my spanakopita turned out.
A farewell dinner with the kids was the best way to finish our time in Seattle.

Good night Seattle. We're heading out in the morning. You've been splendid, on so many levels!

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim


  1. Well done Kim ~ you did it !!
    Goodnight Seattle, hope you don't get too sleepless !

  2. We've had some fantastic weather for you, especially the last few days. It's been kind of fun knowing exactly where you were when you visited places around town. I've enjoyed your adventure, want the spanakopita recipe! :)

  3. Spanikopita looks amazing! Congratulations. I love your ideas about your cooking classes, and your comments about being back in California, particularly the feeling of being a little kid again in San Jose. I know exactly how you feel! I grew up in the Bay Area, but didn't go as far away (to stay) as Taos. I am on the North Coast. Best wishes for your plans!


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