Postcards From The Road - Moab

Day one of our trip to Seattle was the long drive from Taos, NM to Moab, UT. We're happy to be on the road again, and it was a good day. Our first stop was Durango, CO for lunch by the river.

Several hours later, just when I was about to go crazy from sitting in the car, we spotted the turnoff to Canyonlands National Park. We decided to check it out, even though it meant a 2-3 hour side trip. We'd never been there before, and there was no hurry to get to Moab. Spontaneity is more important than making good time. And besides, we have a parks pass, and we're not afraid to use it.

We eventually rolled into Moab to find that the town is packed with "Jeepers," here for some kind of rally. There's a lot of off-road activity in this area, and every time we've been through here, it's been just plain noisy. But if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? We headed straight for the Moab Brewery, where we had a surprisingly good veggie dinner, and of course, some really good beer.

A swim, a soak, and a good sleep later, we're ready to hit the road again. Tonight we'll be somewhere near Twin Falls, ID, where I'll write you another postcard.

Wish You Were Here!
xo Kim


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