Back to it

I've been home for a week. The laundry is done. Several meals have been cooked. Friends have been seen. Herbs have been planted. It's time to get back to business, but maybe not quite as usual.

My preference would be to spend my days in the kitchen, inventing, perfecting, photographing, learning, sharing. My reality hasn't quite caught up to that yet though, so today I plan to sit myself down at the torch and see what comes of it. I took an unpaid month off of work, and I need to replenish the bank account. I'll keep the love in the beads, of course, but the bigger part of my heart is now in the kitchen. I used to want to decorate everyone I met. Now I want to feed them. It's kind of like decorating from the inside out.

I think I'll be putting less time into this blog, and more into PositivelyVegan. We have to do what makes our hearts sing as much as possible. That's how the truly Good Work gets done, because it's inspired by something greater than ourselves. Even if you're a devoted meat eater, I hope you'll follow me over there, because I bet you also eat vegetables now and then, and you might find something new and delicious to add to your own table.

Training for the half marathon also starts again today, with a fun and kickass water aerobics class. I'll be talking more about the nutritional part of the training over at PV, because I know the idea of a vegan "athlete," if you could call me that, is pretty foreign to a lot of people.

Carry on, my friends, and I'll have some new beads for you later this week.


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