Back In Bloom

Well, well... I didn't see them coming, but flowers are making their way back to my studio. I really thought I was done with them, but that was back in January, when the landscape wasn't exactly flowery and inspiring. Now Taos is back in bloom though, and it seems to be contagious. Nothing wrong with that, although I'm really glad I gave myself the nice long break from the "forced blooms" I'd been doing for years. How long will these current glass gardens last? Who knows. I'll make them until I don't make them anymore. How vague and uppity and artisty of me, eh? For now, well, let's just enjoy them while they're here. They can be found in the BeadShop, until they're all picked.


  1. Nice writing and i bookmarked your site on bead related bracelets.

  2. Well I am great found of bead related jewelry and your bracelet is simply outstanding...just want to see more from your side..!!

  3. Beads have always been a great choice in jewelries...such a nice collection I must say....hope to see more and more like these from your side..!!

  4. This bracelet is simply looking so good to the eyes as the colours are very perfectly added in sequence....I wish I could grab this!


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