Nevada, California, and... Oregon!

These long drive days are really cutting into my computer time. Apologies for the brief update today. We have a highway to catch in a little bit!

The drive across Nevada was uneventful. I was pretty weary of desert driving after New Mexico and Arizona, but it was awfully good to finally make it to Reno, where we have a bunch of family, and took a much needed day off from the drive. I was so tired I could easily have cut the trip short and just moved to Reno.

Motel 6 is our friend. Dogs are free, the rates are great, and many of them are updating the rooms, so we've had some really nice digs for little cash.

Driving across Nevada.

Rest stop at Walker Lake. Lucy enjoys wading, but not swimming, which was just as well, since wet-dog-smell in my car is not my favorite.

Breakfast with the family. So nice to have them welcome us "home."

Who doesn't love baby geese?

Beer on a sunny patio by the river had us saying, Yeah, we could live like this...

Kayak practice early in the season.

Heidi fell in love with my sister's dog Oliver. So did I.
Cooper is so big he doesn't fit in one picture.

Here's Cooper's other end, with the rest of the dogs all helping out in the kitchen.

Leaving Reno was hard for me. Then our first stop for coffee sent me a personal message, encouraging me on...
Later in the day we stopped at Burney Falls for a quick lunch break that turned into an hour and a half. Such a nice place, and super quiet this time of year.

Mt. Shasta on the fly.

And finally in Ashland, OR for the night, we hung out with cousins and friends, and were treated to this wonderful homemade marinara, made fresh and vegan and just for us. Pampered!


  1. Looks like you two are rolling along at a steady pace and all is well with the trip!! I am sure exciting things lie ahead for you !

    April in Colorado :)


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