Full Moon

I hear it's been typical spring weather back in Taos - cold and snowing - while here in Portland we're enjoying hot sunny days and evenings warm enough to walk down to the river in t-shirts. I am not delusional (usually), and I know it rains here, sometimes a lot. We've already had a mixed bag of weather in the short time we've been here. And that tells me a couple of things. One, don't put away the winter clothes and rain gear in the summer. And two, we need to go out and play whenever we can. That's just what we did last night, after a long day of Moving Stuff Around, which I hope we'll be finished with soon.

The full moon is always a reason to go out at night, and the promise of it sparkling on water is too much for me to resist. After dinner we rounded up the dogs, left our sweaters behind, and strolled down to the river, a ten minute walk from our door. There were lots of people out enjoying the weather and the moonlight. Even the dogs appreciated the extra long walk on an extra beautiful evening. We are so happy to be here, so for many reasons.


  1. I love the water--even if it's a river. Or maybe because I'm appreciative of the Willamette. Of course a great road trip is out to Astoria, Ft Stevens...Now that's a river! Glad you are enjoying life!


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