Move Like A River

I have a little charm I wear on a necklace that says, "Move Like A River." It's my mantra of the moment. All I can do these days is go with the flow, drifting along with what I can see on the surface, surrendering to the unseen currents that run beneath, and dodging the rocks and tree limbs the best I can.

Portland is pretty wonderful so far, and I love that there's an enormous river running through the middle of the city. We came here to be nearer to family in Seattle, San Jose, and Reno, and to see how Portland works for us a a hub that's roughly central to the other three places. It looks really good on paper, with it's wealth of vegan restaurants, fun neighborhoods, culture, and outdoor fun to explore. Finding our place here, when we kind of pick up our feet a float along with what wants to happen, is easier than I think it is at times.

Moving is stressful, and we've been on the move for quite a while now, from sorting, packing, and selling our things in Taos to driving it half way across the country to loading it into a storage unit to diving right into the search for a place to live. I'm exhausted, but at least we think we can see a calm spot in the distance, a place to rest.

A brief and intensive search turned up an apartment that we'll call home for the next year. It's a 571 sq. ft. studio near Portland State University. It's new and hip and edgy and urban. It's surrounded by almost everything we need in either walking distance or a quick hop on the public transit. I allows dogs - after as much background search on them as they did on us, and at a lot of extra cost. And it's too soon to tell, but maybe best of all, our new place is a short walk down to the Willamette River, where we can walk for miles along the park that edges it.

It all seems pretty perfect, and it's really happening fast. We left Taos just 2 weeks ago, and tomorrow we'll begin officially Dating Portland for the next year. Will we fall in love? Will we marry it? I have no idea, but that's what dating is all about. Right now I just want to get a little bit settled, and take lots of long walks by the river, because a river always knows more about life than I do.


  1. You're in a great place! Enjoy the float on your new river! :)

  2. Been watching your facebook post and have enjoyed reading about your happy to find your blog!

  3. Very cool, very urban! I have been exploring a bit recently. Enjoy!

  4. Hey Ryan! Let me know when you're here next! We'll meet you by the river!

  5. When you get a chance, check the Wildwood Trail. It is 26 miles long through wonderful trees, no cars. Easy access from downtown. Portland has a lot to recommend it.


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