New Digs

I've never used a glass cooktop, but it's a great place to set champagne. To save space, we have wine glasses, but not champagne flutes. Not a problem. Not for us.
Just 2 weeks and a weekend after leaving Taos, and our world has changed completely. We moved into our sweet little studio apartment on Friday, and we love it more than I ever could have imagined. It's like the Universe plopped us right here in the perfect spot for us, which of course is exactly what happened.

The apartment is a spacious 571 square feet, with a low wall that divides the bedroom from the kitchen/living space. The kitchen is small, but workable for us. The bathroom is fairly large. In fact it feels bigger than our Taos bathroom, and it has a nice little stacking washer and dryer in it. I love that. I am being wowed by things most people take for granted, like a dish washer, clothes dryer, and garbage disposal. What wonderful inventions! I haven't had any of them in years and I'm really happy to have them now.

Storage space is lacking, and maybe that's intentional. The open space is more like a blank canvas than a meticulously designed RV or Tiny House. The furnishings we bring in will all need to be comfortable, visually pleasing, moveable, and provide extra storage. Ikea is our first stop. The style is right for not only the apartment, but also for our changing tastes. Once we get it all put together I'll share more details. For now, here's what we're going to call Home for the next year. I love it beyond reason.
Room to dance, and wonderful windows that open wide to the world.
We'll be adding a counter height table/island to use as a place to prep and eat. The fridge is the two tall doors on the left.  It's tiny! We'll be walking to the local market often for fresh veggies.
From the kitchen, looking back through to the bedroom. There's room for a queen size bed and two night stands. Glad we sold the king bed in Taos! The closet is small, but we can also make use of the hallway for storage.
The camp chairs are temporary... stay tuned.


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