Seattle By Train

We knew Portland would be a great "hub" for us, positioned so conveniently between our families in California, Nevada, and Seattle. We've already seen several of these favorite people more in the last month than we used to in a year or more. I love it because it's no longer hard to say good-bye, knowing it could be a long time until the next visit. Now we just say "see you soon," and it's true.

I took the train up to Seattle last weekend, mostly to visit my daughter, because she invited me. But I was also lucky enough to get in some time with my son and his lovely wife, as well as my dear friend Sally. The train ride is inexpensive, almost as fast as driving, and much more beautiful a route than the highway, following the Columbia River much of the way. I plan to do this as often as I get the opportunity!

On the train.

Waiting outside the Seattle station, next to Safeco Field.

With my kids, Lauren and Danny. Danny works at Tesla. Yep, he's cool. So is Lauren.

Sally is one of my favorite people on this world, and probably beyond.

Walking around downtown with Lauren, we passed an old favorite landmark, the Pink Elephant Car Wash.

Lauren gave me a quick tutorial on how to rent a Car2Go. I have a membership, and now I know how to use it!

Lunch at the really big feet of the Space Needle before I caught my train home to Portland.

Less than 4 hours later - with someone else driving - I was back in Portland, just about a mile from our apartment. Everything in life should be this easy.


  1. Hi Kim! It sounds like you and Rick have found a very workable living arrangement in Portland. I love hearing about the trains and the local buses, as well as the walking distances from your home to the necessities of life. So European and green!
    Take care, love from Albuquerque,
    Anne L.

  2. Hi Anne! You're right. It does feel European. We even live on the "London" floor of the building! Can't find much not to love so far. Off to explore another neighborhood today. It will take a long time to see it all! Cheers to you and Peter! We miss our friends, but love it here! xoxoxo


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