A Day at the Beach

It doesn't often get very hot here in Portland, but when it does, a lot of people head for the coast if they can. This week when the temp was predicted to reach 97, we joined the line of traffic and made our way to Cannon Beach. In the time it used to take us to get to Santa Fe from Taos we can be at the beach. That means we can pop over there whenever we want to, and I like that.

It was hot there too for a while, but not as hot as Portland, which did get to 97. And you know... it's the humidity that gets you. The coast was at least breezy, with a little bit of mist, and of course a whole lot of water to cool off in. We spent the day walking up and down the beach with the dogs, with a break for a picnic in the sand, and another for margaritas at a little place in town later in the afternoon.

By late afternoon we started to wish we could stay the night, and scoped out a couple of dog-friendly hotels for next time. Every time I go to the beach - any beach - I wonder why I don't live there. Really. If the whole "Portland courtship" doesn't work out, I'm going to try to talk Rick into giving the coast-of-somewhere a shot. I mean how many of these moves do we have left in us? Maybe a bunch, but that's not what we want. We want to find Home. Maybe it's in Portland, and maybe it's somewhere at the beach...


  1. What a beautiful day at the beach! It's so nice to have options -- Portland is such a great location for whatever you're in the mood for. I've always thought it would be fun to live in a beach town, too.

  2. Yes-the mountains are wonderful when it's hot, the coast is amazing--surprised it's a sunny day but Cannon Beach is in the banana belt--it was almost rainy in Newport.


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