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The whole idea of the move from Taos to Portland was to streamline and simplify our lives. It's working. And I'm always on the lookout for things that can be added or subtracted to make life easier. Actual things that are allowed in have to be some combination of beautiful, fun, practical, and useful. They also have to fit nicely in our 571 square foot studio apartment. Other things, like my blogs for example, have to be fun to write, and at least have some potential of giving me something in return for the time I spend on them.

You see where I'm going with this?

The two food blogs, Positively Vegan and Eating Vegan In Portland are where my heart goes to sing and dance. I feel that they're my "work," or part of it, and my way of reaching out to the world. I even make a bit of income from them, and plan to expand on that in the near future.

I have a new jewelry product to offer! This is fun for me. After all those years of bead making, I still don't miss the glass one little bit, but I do still love to make jewelry. Hitting it with a hammer is especially satisfying, and that was never a god idea when working with glass. But silver work is perfect for my new tiny space, it loves the hammer, and it has always been my favorite metal to wear. I'm making these simple stamped discs with words like Vegan, Love, Happy... just about anything that will fit on a 3/4 inch circle. You can order them on my website, and on the PV Blog.

This blog, however, is for fun, and for only a handful of people who take the time to read it. It takes a lot of my time, it will never generate income, and most often it's an expanded version of things I've already posted on Facebook. I get no comments here, and no feedback (well, almost none), and I don't have any idea who's reading this, if indeed anyone is. So what's in it for me? Well...

Now you really know where I'm going, right?

Yep. Long Way Home is closing down. Again. If you're on Facebook, and you think you'll miss me here, befriend me over there, click "follow," and stay tuned for my ongoing adventures in Portland and beyond. If you're not on Facebook, well, catch up, would you? It's fun. And it's where I'll be if you need me.

Thanks for reading along here. Maybe I'll pick it up again someday. Until then, I'd love it if you'd read my other blogs and help me promote them. It helps. It matters. It's how I'll make this whole thing fly. See you 'round! I have a city to explore!


  1. Kim, I always read this and will miss it. But... on to Facebook. However, when I go there it gave me a follow option (did that) but no friend option. And the Timeline only gives me like and share options, no comment option. When I tried to message you there I was informed the message would go into your "other" folder since I'm not your friend (what does Facebook know anyway?). Any suggestions?

  2. Good for you in only doing exactly what makes you happy!
    Hugs to you and Rick --
    L & E

  3. glad your enjoying the NW Kim ..

    xoox mo


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