I Finally Wrote a Book

I've been saying it for years - I'm going to write a book. I've started and stalled many times, but I always knew I'd get one done eventually. Now I've done it! OK, technically I sort of drew a book rather than wrote a book. But there are words in it too. Two full pages! And the back cover! And a couple of well thought out paragraphs. Yes indeed, I wrote a book. With pictures. And here it is!

That's right - it's a coloring book! And it's beautiful! And it gets even more beautiful when you color it! Inside are 19 of my hand drawn mandalas, a page of bookmarks, and even a draw-your-own-mandala in the back. I had it printed single-side, so the pages can be removed from the book and framed once you've added your coloring magic to them.

Coloring is hot right now, especially for adults. It takes zero art skill, it's portable, fun, relaxing, even meditative, and all you need is a handful of colored pencils or markers. You can order the Mostly Mandalas coloring book online at CreateSpace now, and soon it will also be available on Amazon. Then, in a few weeks, it will be ready for expanded distribution to stores. How grand! They print and ship on demand, which keeps the cost down, and also means I don't have to do any mailing. I love how this is going. In fact, I love it so much, I'm already working on volume two!

You can find me these days over at MostlyMandalas.com, (which is also KimMiles.com). I offer new coloring pages every week, which you can order and download instantly. And who knows - there might be a whole shelf full of books coming up soon. Once I get going, it's hard to stop me!


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