One Blog Is Enough

Heads-up lovely readers! I've decided to invite my own self over from my other blog as sort of a guest blogger. I've come to a point in all this blogging where I want to pull all my fragmented parts back together in one place. It just doesn't make sense to me anymore to part myself out and act as though I have separate lives going on. One blog is enough. And I choose this one.

Positively Vegan has been an ongoing project for me for five years. It's been great, and I'm truly grateful for the experience. It also feels like a completed project. There's no reason to do the food thing over there, and the everything-else over here. I'm vegan all the time. It's a part of me, not apart from me, if that makes any sense.

It's not all-consuming either. So I don't want you to worry that I'll be spewing vegan propaganda all over you. That would be dumb. And no fun. Instead, mixed in with posts on all my other interests, projects, and adventures, there will also be recipes and restaurants and cool people and events. Not in that preachy way that I know sends people running, but in a way that more authentically represents my life and who I am in this world.

So don't hit the panic button and unsubscribe, okay? I think I know you guys well enough to know that you're open-minded, big-hearted, absolutely interesting and wonderful people. Hang around and get to know me a little better. I'm all rounded up in one place now, and I look forward to spending more time with you.

I'm glad you're here!
I'm glad I'm here too.
xoxo Kim


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