last minute knitted gift-card pouch

You meant to make thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list, but somehow the time just flew by, and now it's officially the Last Minute as far as hand-making goes. Oops! Speaking for myself, I'll start earlier next year, like maybe January. 

To the rescue, these cute little pouches make a nicer-than-store-bought presentation for a gift card, and later magically transform into biz card holders or handy pocket wallets. Depending on your knitting speed, these take roughly an hour to make (for slow-knitting me), so you should have time to whip out a bunch before gifting day arrives.

This is not so much a pattern as a basic guideline to making a little buttoned pouch. Improvise where you need to! Now enough chit chat. Ladies and gentlemen, start your needles!

Knitted Gift Card Pouch

small amount worsted weight yarn (these bags each weight about 1/3 of an ounce, or 8 grams)
size 7 circular needle (8 or 9 inch, or longer for magic loop, or DPNs)
yarn needle and scissors for finishing

Cast on 24 stitches.
Knit in the round to the height of a gift card - about 3 1/2 inches.
Bind off half of the stitches.
Knit the flap in either garter or stockinette stitch, decreasing by one stitch on the beginning and end of each right side row.
For the button, either crochet a wrap-cord at the point of the flap and stitch the button onto the body of the bag, OR, sew the button onto the flap, and slip a simple yarn button-loop through the knitted stitches on the front of the bag, tying the cord in a knot on the inside.

Any questions? Leave them in the comments and I'll try to clarify whatever you need!
Happy Gifting!


  1. I put my iPad headphones in my little knitted bag that my sister-in-law gave me.


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