wavelength scarf

Triangular scarves are often called shawls these days. Some can be worn as either one. The Wavelength Scarf, however, is best worn around the neck, because the center pointy part is kind of shallow. This sweeping, asymmetrical triangle is knitted from one side to the other, with increases at one edge, and decreases at the other. This gives it a gentle curve that wraps nicely and drapes in graceful spirals. (Buy this very scarf right off my neck! Link at the bottom of this post!)

The yarn I used here is a soft cotton/polyamide "ribbon" type yarn, with a fine metallic thread running through it (details below). It has a subtle gleam with no itchiness at all. I really love it.

This scarf is done in garter stitch (you know I like simple knits), in a really easy to remember two-row repeat. Try it! And send me pictures!

Wavelength Scarf
dimensions: wingspan, about 75" x 16" at the off-center point

You'll Need -
yarn: 3 balls Louisa Harding "Mazzo," in Villa Ducale, 196 yards (100 grams) per ball
(this is a #4 medium weight yarn, so you could use anything similar. Gauge is not really important)
needles: size 10 - I used circulars
yarn needle and scissors to finish

CO 3 sts
(the first 10 rows are simple increases to get to where the increase/decrease repeating pattern takes off)
Row 1 - K1, YO K1, K1
Row 2 - K across
Row 3 - K1, YO K1, K2
Row 4 - K across
Row 5 - K2, YO K1, K2
Row 6 - K across
Row 7 - K2, YO K1, K3
Row 8 - K across
Row 9 - K2, YO K1, KFB in next st, K2tog, K1
Row 10 - K across

Row 11 - K2, YO K1, KFB in next st, K across to last 3 sts, K2tog knitwise, K last st
Row 12 - K across

Repeat Rows 11 and 12 until the decrease edge is about 52 inches long.

Use a stretchy bind off: Knit two stitches, insert left needle through the front of both stitches, and knit them together. This leaves 1 stitch on the right needle. Continue by knitting 1, then knitting the two stitches on the right needle together until all stitches are bound off.
Weave in ends, and block if your yarn of choice requires it.

This scarf is for sale! There's only one, and the yarn was expensive-er than I usually allow myself, so there won't likely be another just like this. Snap it up for your very own for just $95! Shipping (US only) is free!
It's SOLD! Thanks!


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