another wavelength scarf

Not long ago I shared my pattern for the Wavelength Scarf. I love this cozy accessory so much, I think I might need to have one on the sticks at all times. It's such a pretty and functional piece. And making it is easy and meditative, which also translates to mindless and easy to do while watching a movie.

This one is in the beautiful, and super soft Willow and Lark "Nest" yarn, made of merino, cashmere, and tencel. This color is Owl Grey.

I was going to sell this one, but do you see the tiny mistake I made? I do. And it's enough to make me decide I can just keep it if I want to. I kind of want to.

Here's a little video, showing you how I wear this pretty thing. It makes me feel like a pretty thing too.


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty...the scarf and YOU. Love the way it drapes, and that little ruffle that cascades at the end (if that makes sense??). oxox

  2. Thank you Jean and Laurel! I actually ended up giving this one to a friend who was visiting. Haha! Working on yet another one I hope to keep! xoxo


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