fear of thumbs

I've been knitting fingerless gloves for years. Completely fingerless - as in no little thumb-sleeve either, although I would have liked having the thumbs. Truth is, I was afraid of thumbs, or the making of them in gloves. For some silly reason, I didn't think I could do it. Sheesh. Maybe I should have tried...

Well, a new year is a good time to banish old fears. I finally decided it was time to tackle my thumbophobia, and went in search of an easy pattern, which I quickly found at Hand Made Rukodelky. (Thank you!!!) I printed the pattern, gathered my yarn and needles, and had these beauties finished in just a few hours.

The pattern was so easy to follow, I actually worked on them mostly in public, and at one point, with beer in the mix too. No problem.

The yarn is Noro Kureyon, and all these colors came from just one skein. So much fun. I used a little (9 inch) size 7 circular needle instead of DPNs for the body of the gloves, which for me is a while lot easier than wrangling a lap full of pickup sticks. The DPNs were easy enough to manage for the last few thumb rows at the end of the project. And notice the snazzy stitch marker? I made it years ago, with one of my tiny lampwork beads (some of you remember the bead years). I'll be making more - stitch markers, not beads. Watch for them on the Shop page.

I am, as of this moment, officially and completely smitten with these gloves. In fact, I'm wearing them as I write this.

Next up, a pair for Rick. Very manly gloves indeed.

The obsession probably won't last, so if you want a pair of these, made by my own personal hands, again, watch the Shop page, as well as my Instagram feed for offerings when I have some for sale. And if you think you can't make some of your own, I think you should try anyway. Thumbs are not really worth fearing.


  1. I love those fingerless gloves Kim! I have some yarn almost exactly the same colours. I think I will make a pair too!! You have inspired me!! I love the fact that you are knitting in your beautiful glass beads too, what a wonderful idea! I also wear them for typing I used to wear them at work when it was very cold, as hands do seem to get cold so these helped me keep warm when typing!!

  2. Oh yes! I wear them for typing and for beach walking, so my fingers are free to pick up treasures! Show us what you make!

  3. Remember the fingerless gloves you gifted me in Taos on a cold evening at the Taos Inn open mic? Love them. :-))

  4. That's so sweet, Laurel! I'll have to give you a pair with thumbs sometime! xoxo


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