1heart1love project

I'm sharing this today for those of you who like to create for the greater good. My cousin, who wishes to stay as anonymous as possible, was deeply inspired by the students who are planning school walkouts in protest to current gun laws. Wanting to do something to show support, she came up with the idea of making simple, white crocheted hearts with safety pins attached, to give to as many of our young activists as possible.

The 1Love1Heart Project explains...

"White yarn represents innocence and new beginnings: a blank page, a blank canvas, a blank movie screen waiting to be filled with hope and peace and solidarity of purpose. The heart, of course, represents love. The safety pin represents security and protection that we all deserve. Especially our young people."

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in, by either crocheting (or knitting) white hearts and donating them to the schools and students of your choice. There's a very simple crochet pattern provided on the website. Just two rounds of basic stitches makes a fast and easy heart. 

I've already made about 35 of them, even though I'm not sure who will get them yet. Walkouts and marches are being scheduled for various dates in March and April, so check around to see what's happening near you, and get those crochet hooks flying. Every bit of Love we can send out into the world is worth the effort, don't you think? I do.


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