margarita scarf

Winter is going on way too long for my liking. April showers and all that. Blah blah blah. I'm ready for sunshine and warm days and walks on the beach again. Knitting my way through this drippy, dreary spring, I'm drawn to colors I need to look at, but don't necessarily want to wear. This scarf, made for a friend who can wear such a color, reminds me of tasty margaritas on a sunny deck. It's like wearable tequila, guaranteed to make things more festive and brighten a gloomy mood.

The yarn is Classic Elite Sanibel - I'm not sure of the color number. I've used a lot of this yarn in various colors in the past, and still have a couple of scarves worth in my stash. It's cotton and viscose, and I love the slippy-slidey bits mixed with the cottony bits. It's light weight, elegantly drapey, and really can be worn year round.

I used size 9 needles for this scarf, and the pattern is the super simple Châle Facile, found (for free!) on Ravelry. I've made this scarf/shawl three times already, and I love it. I'm working on a fourth one now, with a little bit of simple lace at the top edge.

For this one, I used 3 1/2 balls of yarn, then did a picot bind off from the top corner to the bottom point. I finished it by continuing along the other bottom edge with a similar-but-different picot crocheted edging.

I love the gentle asymmetry of both the shape of the triangle, and the finished edges. Wrapped around my neck, just to try it out before passing it along to my friend, it made me believe that softer, sunnier days truly are just around the corner.


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