grace and frankie

If today was Thanksgiving, and I was sitting at a table full of people taking turns sharing what they're grateful for, my contribution would go something like, I am ridiculously thankful for Grace and Frankie. 

Yes, the show. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have much wisdom to share, and they bring it to us so entertainingly via Netflix. My daughter watches it, and often leaves it on in the background, because she likes the sound of their voices. They reassure her as only voices of years and experience can do. I like to think they remind her of me. They certainly remind me of me.

I hear a lot of women say things like, "I'm totally Grace", or "Frankie is me." I'm mostly Frankie with a dash of Grace. Frankie is my hair soul sister, and she has those amazing clothes and all that jewelry. She's woowoo and she's an artist, and she just isn't normal... sigh... so much love. Grace, on the other hand, struggles with letting go of her "beauty." She loves vodka, she gets things done, and she also has an enviable, though more subtle, wardrobe. Oh yeah, and they live at the beach. I resonated with so much about both of them.

These two fictitious characters (and the incredible women who play them) are pretty great role models for so many of us who refuse to bumble into invisible-old-lady-hood. For me, right now, they're particularly helpful in reminding me that I'm not absurd for starting a new business "at my age." Look at them, creating their own success in the yam lube and vibrator business! How ridiculous! How brilliant! How absolutely possible!

By comparison, I am tame and timid in my little crocheted fishing float venture. But so what? I'm doing it! Inevitably, my own silly self-talker barges in periodically to remind me that I'm too old to start something new, and it's all stupid, and it won't work, and who do I think I am anyway...

Thank Great Goodness that by now, most days I know exactly who I am. I'm a woman like so many, and unique to myself, who has much to offer, no matter what my age is. If I stop now, I deprive Great Goodness of the experience of expressing through me. It's much more fun to keep going. And on the the days when I forget that, I am grateful as can be for my friends Grace and Frankie, who remind me that it absolutely is my business to keep doing what makes my heart sing.


  1. Haha, I love that show!! And I think you're just the perfect age for whatever endeavor calls to your heart, my beautiful and creative friend.


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