slow down

When I have a lot to do, I seem to get more done, in less time, if I slow down a little bit. It's kind of like thrashing around in the water vs. relaxing and going with the current.

It's been that kind of week for me. I'm here by myself for a few more days, and I've had a steady stream of projects in the works. I've been following my interest wherever it leads, jumping from one thing to the next, wandering back, finishing, starting, finishing another. I'm really enjoying this organic flow of creativity.

Here's what I've finished in the past week...

None of these are big projects, and the seat cushion was almost finished, so I only had to put it together. I did start another one this week, and it's almost finished, but not quite, so it didn't make the photo. The little bags are something I've circled back to many times over the years. I just love making them every so often.

The little bottles are dressed up with some customized crocheted lace, to hide the top edge, which isn't so cute when you take the lid off and only see jar lid threads. The long necklaces are something I've wanted to get to for a while. Two of them are made with my own lampwork beads (which you know I don't make anymore), and the others are store bought beads. The handmade is better, but the others are more repeatable now, and still really pretty and summery. And the scarf is because I always have a scarf in the works, and this one was a fast finish in this puffy cloud sort of yarn. 

I did all this, and still found time for long beach walks, good food, and (limited) visits with friends. My To-Make and To-Do lists looked daunting to me last week, but once I just rolled with the what's-next of things, it all somehow got done. 

On The Sticks

Like I said, I'm making another seat cushion cover, but I'm out of handspun yarn, so now it just waits until I get a little bit more. Yarn is patient. It will be done when it's done. This scarf is taking a while because it's very fine fingering weight yarn. A bit more threadlike than what I normally use. It's still may favorite pattern for taking along when I go out in the world - which isn't really all that much at the moment.

I need a new project. I have three sweaters to make, but one needs to wait till I can measure my grandson (who turns one year old this week!!!), and try to guess how big he'll be in the fall when he'll need it for football season with his Husky fan parents. The other two sweaters are for me, but I only just ordered the yarn this morning. What to make while I wait? I'll know when I know.


  1. I'm the same way. Working on a beaded necklace and earring set. crocheting granny squares. Cooking my daughter's favorite meal for her graduation. Just going with it and enjoying.


  2. I an't believe how much you've created in just a few days! I like your image of slowing down and going with the current. Thanks for the reminder. ox

  3. That would be "can't" obviously. I wasn't even hurrying, LOL!


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