When my post about Sushi was featured on BlogHer the other day, the editor over there gently suggested that I get myself on Twitter. Excited to be a featured blogger, I was eager to please. I had tried Twitter once before, but never really caught on to what to do with it. I could figure out how to tweet, but couldn't figure out why I should. Still, I decided to give it another go, so I re-opened my Twitter account, updated my information, and loaded the app to my phone. Okay. All set. Now what?

First maybe I should explain what I'm doing on BlogHer in the first place. I write both of my blogs on Blogger. It's where I started out, and I like and understand the software. TakingTheLongWayHome is more of a personal journey sort of blog, so I've been happy to have it sit in one place, waiting to be found by people who know me. But when I started PositivelyVegan, I knew I wanted to try to reach a larger audience, and I knew they were out there somewhere, all the newly emerging vegans, looking for information, good food, and inspiration. I decided to post my veg-blog on three different blogging platforms, Blogger, BlogHer, and Tumbler. It's an easy way to find more readers, and it's a lot of fun when I get a featured spot on the heavy hitter BlogHer main page. It's happened three times now, and I just know this has to be good exposure, although it's way too soon to quit my day job.

My Dream Life looks something like Cooking, Writing, Feeding People, Traveling, and Making Beads Just For Fun. Sort of like Anthony Bourdain, only more artistic, and not an arrogant bastard. Don't get me wrong, I love his show, even though we have decidedly different eating habits. He's just such a buffoon when it comes to vegetarians. I honestly hope I never ever meet him, because I think he would be a big mean bully, and who needs that crap? I'm here to spread the love.

Anyway, any goal is reached with baby steps, and sometimes big steps or leaps, but the point is, you have to do something other than just sit there wishing. So in my case, I cook the food, I write the blogs, and I do what I can to shamelessly self-promote on a budget - that budget being exactly zero dollars. Cross referencing blogs and Facebook are good ways to reach readers and connect with like-minds. And then there's Twitter... which still baffles me somewhat, although I'm beginning to see some value in it. I'm reading articles on how to make the most of it, and I check in now and then to see how other people use it. I've come up against tougher challenges than Twitter in my life. Surely I can find my way through this one too.

I'd like to start some conversation here by way of comments so we can all participate. Are you on Twitter? Why? How do you use it? Why do you like it or not like it? Do you have any tips for the rest of us? Please share! And if you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I am @PositivelyVegan.

Guess I'd better go tweet now. Or cook something. Hmmm...


  1. I'm with you Kim, I use Twitter but it's not my favorite. I have never heard of BlogHer, I just signed up for it. Thanks for the tip. So do you create the same blog posts for each place or an individual post. I can barely keep up with 1 blog so I would hope using a single post and putting it on each site is acceptable. I'll try to find and follow you on Twitter.

  2. I'm on Twitter (@ZNArtwear) but I'm with you - I don't really understand it. I think the whole "follow me" thing means that I have to actually post something. I rarely do, so I don't have many followers and I imagine that I've lost a few for that very reason.

  3. I really don't want anyone to "follow me" because right now I don't really have anything to say! But I instead use twitter to follow people who DO have something to say! And that is what twitter is to me! @eyetype

  4. I use twitter to keep up with local hometown news and road closures. I searched twitter for Kim Miles and the 8th result was Kourtney Kardashian! You were #12. made me snicker that you and Kourtney Kardashian were together. I picked your twitter over hers for obvious reasons :)


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