February Bead Giveaway

Time for another Bead Giveaway! But first, this is LAST CALL for our January winner to claim her prize. If this is YOU, please contact me by email before Friday. After that, I'll choose a new winner from January's entries!

"Bella Chic aka Gina has left a new comment on your post "Here's to Creative Maladjustment":
Very awesome quote! Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway :)

UPDATE - 2-11-12
We have a new winner! (Sorry Bella Chic. You do have to be sort of "present" to win...)
Here's our new winner...

"Anonymous  to kim
show details Jan 16
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Here's to Creative Maladjustment":

Kim, artists and thinkers who are not joiners and who don't have a political or group voice are sometimes call "The Cultural Creatives" - a term coined by Ray and Anderson in a book by that title. They maintain those 50 million CCs are changing the world. Vegans and artists are obvioiusly a part of that very independent movement. Norine"

Congratulations Norine! Please contact me with your mailing info!

Moving on.
Here's the prize for the February Bead Giveaway...

It's a Troll-size Laffy Taffy Bead, lined in sterling silver. Just the bead, not the bracelet.

To enter to win, leave a comment on any or all of my blog posts, old or new. One comment per post, but feel free to comment on as many posts as you like. (I like it best when you actually read the post and comment thoughtfully. I will not respond to the comments because it throws off the numbers for the drawing, but I read every one of them. If you need a reply from me, please send me an email.)

You are also automatically entered when you opt-in to the Beadist Mailing List. I encourage you to join the list if you're interested in beads, not just to enter the giveaway.

The blogs to comment on are:

The drawing will be held on February 29th, and the winner will be posted here on TakingTheLongWayHome. The winner has one week to claim their prize. After that, I'll pick a new winner. So if you enter, be sure to check back here on the 29th to see if you won!


  1. I spent time yesterday playing with my Laffy Taffy beads, trying to decide how to use them. Still haven't decided. Funny, I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that I can use them to make something and if it doesn't turn out the way I want it to, I can take it apart and make something else. I sit and study them and pair them with various wire and spacers and then end up doing nothing. Oh well, it just gives me pleasure to know I have them and to look at them. I suppose Freud would have an opinion about what that says about my personality. Tee hee!

  2. Your bead are beautiful. Thanks for giving us a chance to win one. Good luck to all.

  3. Love all your new beads, especially the Heartstones. And these Laffy Taffys are really great!! I'm hoping to win this one.

  4. Your laffy taffys are adorable and your new heartstones are amazing! You are crazy talented!


  5. Your new inspirations are so beautiful and unusual. Would love to win one!.


  6. I LINKED to it and I am commenting! wheeee! Love your beads! xox jean

  7. Love the op to win a bead! Worth the wait! Jan

  8. Thanks for the giveaways. It is something to look forward to each month. Keep hoping to win as hubby has limited all buying for awhile?
    Karen B.

  9. You do beautiful work!!
    The bead give away is exciting!!!

  10. Ooh, I really like the laffy taffy beads.

  11. Your new beads, as well as the older ones, are awesome! Guess I love everything you do.

  12. Love your new heart stones, all the ones I wanted sold out so fast. Hope I catch the next ones sooner. Would love to win the bead giveaway. Thanks, Suzie

  13. love the new heartstones please enter me in your drawing

  14. What a gorgeous bead! Please enter me and I promise that I will respond if you draw my name.


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